The Three C's

Can anybody tell me three words that start with the letter C that so many people are just terrified of ?.......No??

Well heres the first one 'change'.

Whether for the better or worse, whether related to exercise or not, change scares so many people.

People are afraid of change because it is the unknown, change can be difficult as it takes us out of our comfort zones.

And let's face it humans like to be comfortable and don't like to expend more energy than needed.

But in the end, change is needed by all of us who are failing where we wish to succeed.


Word number two is 'commitment'.

Most people would say that commitment is a positive word, and used the right way it is, for example:

"I will make a commitment to train harder and eat cleaner".

But so many of us are unknowingly using the word in a negative light, for example: If every thursday night is 'Macca's night' then we have made a commitment to poor eating habits on a thursday night.

Or if we indulge in a chocolate bar everyday at morning tea time with our cappuccino, then we are forming a habit which becomes a sub-conscious commitment to gain body fat.

That's 52nights of Macca's or 300 plus chocolate bars per year!! Can't tell me that's not going to have a negative impact on our physique!!

Commitment needs to be made to good things to have a positive outcome!!


Let's move on to word number 3 'Consistency'.

This is another word which needs to be used in a positive manner, for example if we train hard and eat well with consistency, we will achieve our health and fitness goals.

But if we have consistency in sitting on the couch stuffing our faces with crap, we will become  super unfit, lazy slobs!! Which is no ones goal........I hope!!

All that sounds quite easy now doesn't it??..................That's cause it is!!

Don't let your fitness, weightloss and muscle gain goals overwhelm you!!

Break it down into the three C's and you'll be on the road to success!!






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