Sydney Progessive Calisthenics Certification

Our trainer Ash headed down south for Sydney's first ever PCC course (Progressive Calisthenics Cert)at the weekend(sept 23-25th 2016).

This course is run by Dragon door's world renowned Master PCC trainer Al Kavadlo!

Al was joined by his lovely wife Grace Kavadlo and the CEO of Dragon door Mr John Du Cane.

The word Calisthenics comes from early 19th century Greek: Kallos 'beauty' + sthenics 'strength' and teaches the student in a totally progessive way, from the most basic moves which can easily be performed by the beginner, right up the ultimate feats of unparalleled strength such as the Human flag, Muscle up and many more using little to no equipment. Benefits Include: Strength, Muscle gain and weightloss.

Al and Grace put on an amazing weekend, everyone participating in the Certification loved it!!

This Certification is a great addition to Ash's qualifications and puts him at the top of the pack when looking for a calisthenics trainer in Queensland.


Saul Edmonds

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