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TESTIMONIAL - Elizma Lambert


I'm a competitive runner who's just returned to races after a number of years off due to injuries and lack of motivation etc.

After training with Perfect form fitness training's trainer Ash for about one and a half years now I'm back into competition and running the best times of my career (17:35 for 5km).

Training with Ash has made me stronger and less prone to injuries by training muscle groups I never knew I had before, without increasing my running distances (which puts a lot of stress on the joints). I have gotten faster by training smarter!

All that aside, Ash is a great trainer and motivator. For some 'odd' reason :-) you keep on wanting to come back for more!

Thanks Ash, you're an inspiration because you practice what you preach and you make us all aspire to be more like you.

Elizma Lambert


On my 49th birthday, I was unfit, overweight and tired.  It was time for a change!

Feeling unsure of myself where exercising was concerned, and not wanting to join a class, I went looking for a Personal Trainer who would design a fitness program for my body.  Getting my body fit was not going to be an easy task!

Ashley is a fantastic trainer!  He uses his thorough knowledge of the human body, to explain which parts of the body I am exercising and the benefits, keeping his sessions enjoyable and challenging.  His training studio is also set up with state-of-the-art equipment.

My fitness and energy levels are constantly improving and I have a new lease of life!

Thankyou Ashley!

Doris L