Perfect Form Fitness @ WARRIOR DASH!!


Coral and Ash entered the Warrior Dash last weekend (10/11/12) and had an awesome time playing in the mud......ha ha.

In all seriousness though this was a tough course!! All competitors, which there were over 4500 were looking for gold as this was a timed event!! And in the pouring rain too!! It was soooo muddy that it was hard just to stay standing in the slush, let alone run at speed up massive inclines for 5km!!

The obstacles were challenging to complete at a fast pace but Coral and Ash got the job done in great time with Coral coming in at 40.06 minutes and Ash crossing the line in 30.54 minutes.

Here at Perfect form fitness WE LOVE MUD RUNS!! So this is really just a warm up to next years Kokoda grunt 15km and Tough mudder 22km challenges.

Until next time warriors.......KEEP TRAINING HARD!!



Personal trainer/Bootcamps

Alexandra Hills

Saul Edmonds

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