Make sure your training takes you out of your comfort zone!!

I see so many people at gyms these days doing their training without even breaking a sweat, is it because they are super fit?? No, definitley not!! It's because they are not training out side their comfort zone. To get results you need to put your body through movements that it not used to in everyday life!!

Now don't get me wrong here, If  we're talking weights, I'm not saying to grab the heaviest weight you can find and attempt to do the same exercise your were doing all floppy and unfocussed, or to run on the treadmill at a speed that you can't handle.

But to get the maximum results from your training, it should be hard enough to force you to stay focussed throughout the exercises performed, cause let's face it why do we train? If you haven't built up that love for your training yet, then it's purely for results, and if you do love your training then it's for love and results.

Which ever person you are......everyone trains for results!! So in your next training session AMP IT UP!!   Because if training is too easy results are minimal!! 

If you're walking on a treadmill to burn fat, put an incline on! If your lifting weights all floppy and unfocussed, increase the weight until you feel the burn! If you're jogging to increase cardio fitness, throw in some short sprints!!     


Saul Edmonds

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