Ash & Coral clean up at INBA Rookie Rising Star Comp in Melbourne!


Last Sunday Ash & Coral travelled to Melbourne to represent Perfect Form Fitness Training in INBA's Rookie Rising Star Body Building and Figure competition.

And what a day they had!! Ash Won Novice Body Building, Placed 3rd in over 75kg Body Building and Placed 4th in Overall Body Building.

Coral did awesome work as well placing 2nd in her age catagory.

Ash also received a Champion BodyBuilding/Figure trainer award for Perfect Form Fitness placing so highly so in so many catagories on the day!!

Awesome outcome coming from all those hard hours training, dieting, dedicating their lives to fitness and proving once again that if your serious about your fitness goals, Perfect Form Fitness is where you need to be.

Saul Edmonds

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