First Annual Top Performers Awards Ceremony


December 20th 2014 was our first ever Top Performers Awards and was a great success!!

A lot of places give out awards for short 8-12 week challenges where often the participants don't end up developing lasting good exercise and nutrition habits.

These types of challenges can actually be a way of learning bad and unhealthy habits like yo-yo dieting and exercise.

In this modern age of obesity, fast food and sedentry lifestyles, everyone is after a quick fix.

There are no quick fixes!! Just hard work and determination!!

So I decided that awards for notably changing not only a person's physique, but a more permanent exercise regime, better eating habits, a stronger mind and healthier lifestyle seen over a period long enough to prove they are the REAL DEAL would be better deserved.

It was a tough decision with so many deserving people making great changes this year.

The person who made the most changes to her life was.......Lisa Greig, who in 2014 lost 25kg of body fat, gained a heap of muscle and mental strength, gave up smoking and became a POWERHOUSE in the gym!!

Second place went to Edith Cash who trained hard all year without faltering, and represented Perfect Form Fitness Training in her first figure comp at the INBA state titles this year, looking Absolutely STUNNING!!

And Third place was Nick Carey who just 3 years ago was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma Cancer, Nick kept a strong mind, pushed through all the obstacles and came to see me 18 months ago. He lost 10kg of body fat and gained a heap of muscle in 2014.

Congratulations Guys!! Keep up the good work!!

We look forward to seeing who will take out the Top spot in 2015!!

Saul Edmonds

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