Start your training schedule before winter!

I hear so many people talk about getting fit during the hotter months when every one is at the beach and a lot of skin is on display.

Many seem to talk about it too much and leave getting started too late!!

Let's face it starting a new fitness regime in winter when its cold is just too hard for most people.

So stop talking about it, putting it off and get started NOW!!

Fitness, fat burning and muscle gain all take time, so if you start training now and continue the hard work through winter by next summer your hard work will be very noticeable to those around you and you will be more confident with your body and able to do so much more.

Don't forget as I always say there's no such thing as drive through fitness, its not like going shopping to buy a new outfit for summer!! Fitness is not a seasonal thing training needs to continue all year round!!

Saul Edmonds

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