Anyone in the Health and fitness industry who understands nutrition knows that there is NO REPLACEMENT for real food!!!

Obesity is a growing world wide epidemic that all trainers and nutritionists should be taking VERY VERY SERIOUSLY!!

Everyone wants a quick painless fix to weightloss these days-THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!!! NOTHING SUBSTITUTES a healthy meal plan with REAL FOOD!!

There are countless meal replacements on the market today claiming to be a miracle cure to obesity, when the truth is these meal replacements are actually contributing to the problem.

People need to be educated about healthy eating habits and made aware of all the preservatives in foods these days. To lose weight we need to steer away from take away and processed foods and train our minds and taste buds to eat as naturally as possible.

Many of these products claim to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, some even have the indorsments of great athletes.........Well here is the HARD TRUTH: Vegetables speed up the metabolism, provide us with necessary nutrients and cleanse the body which has been proven over decades to reduce body fat where as MEAL REPLACEMENTS SLOW THE METABOLISM DOWN!!

STOP BEING FOOLED!! These are nothing more than an expensive YO-YO diets, so if your trainer or health care provider is selling you this RUBBISH they are lining their pockets with your hard earned cash; laughing behind your back while they count YOUR MONEY stolen through lies and empty miracle weightloss promises!

Quick food fixes is what made you overweight, dont reach for another quick fix to attempt to reverse obesity.........Find a personal trainer/nutritionalist, someone who cares about YOU more than their wallet and get an individualised healthy meal plan based on fresh one ingredient foods.

Saul Edmonds

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