WOW!! What an epic challenge!! The hills on this 13km challenge seemed endless.....just when you thought you were about at the top the track veered off into another rocky dry hill, and another.....and another.

It was such a hot day, and we had to choose the 12:40 wave (start time) didn't we! It was releiving everytime we made it to an obstacle, even though some of them were quite difficult, just to be able to stop uphill running for a couple of minutes.

After running, climbing and jumping for what seemed like forever we finally made it to the massive mud slide and the muddy water was just so unbelievably refreshing. There was another water obstacle directly after the mudslide and doing the two one after another cooled us off and gave us the energy needed to soldier on.

After about 10km the uphill battle finally ended and we got to head back downhill for the last 3 kms and another 14 challenging obstacles..........we were sooo happy to cross the finish line on this one, it was tough!

Saul Edmonds

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