Bridge to Brisbane team (part 2)


Our bridge to Brisbane team had AWESOME results on the weekend with 3 members crossing the line in under 54 minutes and everyone beating their personal bests!!

It was really great to see everyone taking themselves out of their comfort zone and really testing themselves out in the 10 km event!!

A big congratulations to all Perfect form fitness training's Bridge to Brisse crew for running their hearts out!! You all did Perfect form fitness training proud!! Thanx Coral, Sarah, Anita, Tracy, Nat and Ash for your amazing effort!!

*A note to everyone out there who has considered an event like this but couldn't bring themselves to do it-Most of these guys are not runners, just everyday people who show up every week to Perfect form fitness training's Boxing classes or bootcamps at Camp hill, Cooparoo, Alexandra hills or do a couple PT sessions a week at our studio and decided to join the team and have a go. Whatever your time is, just crossing the finish line at an event like this is an awesome feeling of achievement, so don't hold back any longer give us a yell and get started training with us so that you too can feel like an unstoppable champion!!  

Saul Edmonds

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